Toddleroo Benefits

The Toddleroo brand has a wide selection of baby gates for preventing your little one from wandering through the house. They’re solidly constructed from the highest-quality materials to withstand rigorous day in, day out use.

A toddler can’t help but be curious about the world around them, and their curiosity can lead to dangerous discoveries such as opening cabinets that contain breakable or toxic objects. That’s why it’s important to keep them safe.


Toddleroo offers a variety of products that provide a safe and secure environment for your children. These products are solidly constructed from the highest-quality materials to withstand rigorous day in, day out use.

The Toddleroo Deluxe Decor Gate is a safety gate that will add elegance to any room opening, and features an exclusive soft white finish to stylishly blend with any home decor. This pressure mounted gate also includes a stay-open feature for added convenience.

This baby gate is a great option for wide doorways, hallways, or at the bottom of stairs. It has an extra-wide 22 inch door that provides plenty of room for walking and a gravity-fed auto-close feature to help keep your child from falling through. For added security, this gate has a double-locking system and a childproof hold-open feature.


Whether you need to block off a room, doorway or stairway, toddleroo offers convenience with its pressure mount gates that are easy to install and do not require additional hardware. This gate firmly shuts behind you with just one simple push.

This gate is designed to enclose openings up to 55 inches wide. It can be mounted on the inside or outside of a doorway or hallway and swivels to accommodate angled walls. It also features spacers to accommodate baseboards and is recommended for spaces that are too narrow or wide for a traditional baby gate.

The Toddleroo by North States(r) Riverstone Extra Tall & Wide Baby Gate can keep your child safe with its gravity-fed hinge door that shuts firmly and gently behind you with just one push. It also features a triple-locking system to keep your little one protected.


The toddleroo is a great gate to keep children safe. It is easy to use, secures a variety of openings, and works well on a wide range of floor surfaces.

This gate features a one-hand operation and easy-to-use button push/lift door. It also has a two-step locking system that keeps babies safe and comfortable.

It’s ideal for a variety of room openings and at the top of stairs, and it easily hardware mounts to provide added stability. All mounting hardware and brackets are included.

It is quick and simple to set up, and it comes with a convenient carry handle that makes it easy to bring the fun with you wherever you go. If you need to increase the play area, a Two-Panel Extension kit is available separately. Toddleroo products are solidly constructed from the highest-quality materials to withstand rigorous day in, day out use.


Your curious toddler has started to get older and you need to stay a step ahead of them. Help prevent them from opening sliding doors and windows with the Toddleroo Sliding Door and Window Lock. The clever little device installs without tools and works on glass or wood surfaces with a simple slide and release motion.

This multi-functional gizmo is one of the most impressive baby gates I have ever seen. The six-panel enclosure can be used as a portable play yard, gate or barrier – you can even hang it from your ceiling! The best part is the quality is top-notch. Its brightly colored finish will complement any decor and its sturdy construction will stand up to years of use. It’s the perfect solution for your family’s growing needs. To make it your own, you can also add a few extras such as a swing-style safety latch to ensure it stays in place for a long time to come.