Realme Benefits

With the upcoming festive season on its way, realme has launched a special ticket called the ‘realme Savings Pass’ that will fetch you an amazing discount on your next smartphone purchase. It also comes with a few additional benefits including screen damage protection and a free Disney+ Hotstar subscription.

In the last three years, realme has grown to become a major player in the global smartphone industry. Its success can be attributed to its ability to offer affordable phones that are both cool and functional.


Realme is a brand that has built a reputation for offering great value for money. Its phones have a plethora of features for under PS900, making them perfect for those on a budget.

The company has a strong portfolio of smartphone models, with some of them even being 4G enabled. This is especially helpful in India, where most people don’t have fixed broadband and use a lot of data.

Moreover, the company has a good range of camera and gaming hardware. Its quad-camera phones are particularly popular, with superzooms, high refresh rate HDR screens, and gyro-EIS support all on offer.

Realme also has a UI that includes an impressive array of customisation options, like the ability to set icons and wallpapers to dark mode. It also has a doodle button for quick doodles and scrolling screenshots, and a useful share menu for sharing photos or videos.


Realme is a Chinese company that’s only a couple of years old but has shaken up the smartphone market with a range of unique and powerful phones at affordable prices. It’s part of BBK Electronics Corporation, which also spawned brands like OnePlus and Oppo.

Its phones are usually available in two main lines: the X series, which offers lower-midrange smartphones that rival Motorola and Xiaomi’s Redmi line; and the GT series, which straddles the middle-tier and high-end segments.

One of the features that stands out on Realme phones is its Glance smart lock screen feature, which enables users to access live entertainment, sports updates, shopping deals and more without unlocking their device. It’s a great way to save time and stay organized, especially when you’re on the go.

Another highlight of Realme’s UI is the system cloner, which allows you to set up two separate accounts that share the same phone but each have their own password and fingerprint scanner. There’s also a dual-mode audio tool that lets you play music from wired and Bluetooth earphones at once.


In India, realme has a reputation for being the best value smartphone brand, offering great quality smartphones that are priced competitively. The brand also offers the’realme Savings Pass’ to customers that can get extra discounts and other benefits when buying realme phones.

As the company manufactures most of its handsets in China, it’s able to keep the prices low. However, as soon as these devices reach other countries, the prices jump as a result of customs, government taxes and logistics costs.

This is where realme’s strategy becomes especially valuable, as it enables the company to absorb these fluctuations and still remain competitive in a market. Realme’s flagship smartphone, the GT 2 Pro, is a perfect example of this.


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Realme has built a reputation for its young (on average 29 years old) team and passion for technology. The brand’s mission “Dare to Leap” is reflected in its design, young talent and strong corporate culture.

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