Pura Smart Home Benefits

As smart home devices become more popular, so does the need for convenient products that can be controlled by an app. One such device is the Pura smart home fragrance diffuser.

It dispenses scents you can customize through the app, covers cooking and bathroom odors, and doubles as an ambient nightlight. It even uses geo-location technology to adjust fragrance intensity when you’re at home or away.

1. Easy to use

Smart devices are increasingly becoming popular for the way they allow us to connect commonly used devices and control them remotely. This makes them a convenient choice for everyday use and helps reduce waste by reducing the amount of manual operation that is required.

With a Pura device, you can do everything from controlling the schedule and intensity of your fragrance to ordering new vials and even creating a custom scent mix with just a few taps on your phone! Plus, unlike other home fragrances, their chemical-free scents are safe for kids and pets.

Interested in trying out Pura? Grab a set with one smart device and two original fragrances to get started! Or, give them as a gift to help your friends and family keep their spaces fresh and inviting.

2. Convenient

Unlike reed diffusers, which have an opening that you need to manually fill with water and fragrance oil, Pura’s smart device can be filled from the app using a pre-packaged refill. The app also allows for a wide range of customization options, including scent intensity and custom schedules.

If you’re on your tenth can of aerosol spray or simply want to save your recycling bin from an overflow, the Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser is a practical and affordable alternative. The app-controlled device is chemical-free, safe for kids and pets, and doubles as an ambient night light.

It is also energy-efficient, allowing you to set up automated schedules for when it will run and turn off. This makes it the perfect IoT accessory for your home.

3. Energy-efficient

Smart home devices use less energy than traditional appliances, so they can reduce your energy bills and help the environment. They also provide real-time data about your energy consumption, so you can identify areas for improvement.

For example, the Pura fragrance device allows you to control the scent intensity via iOS or Android apps, set up schedules and turn the device on or off remotely — no more forgetting to shut off the kitchen or bathroom air diffusers. It even has an away mode that turns off the fragrance if it detects your location is out of range.

Other smart appliances include smart thermostats that let you pre-program your energy usage, and smart outlets that cut power to lights, AV equipment, appliances or other electrical products when they’re not in use. This can lower your electricity bill by as much as 20%.

4. Safe for kids and pets

One smart diffuser covers up to 1,000 square feet with your choice of bestselling fragrance vials. You decide how long they dispense and the app alerts you when scents are running low or empty.

The device is safe to use around kids and pets once it’s programmed, which only takes a few minutes with the app. It’s also a great way to cover up cooking and bathroom odors and create a calming atmosphere.

This smart home fragrance device is perfect for gifting to the people on your list this holiday season. A kit including a smart device and four original LAFCO fragrances can be purchased at the Pura website for $82. The app makes it easy to customize settings like intensity and even turn the nightlight on or off.

5. Easy to customize

This smart home fragrance device pairs the best of both worlds: it’s sleek and beautiful, but it also offers a variety of premium, clean scents. It’s safe for children and pets, doubles as an ambient nightlight, and dispenses scents on the schedule and intensity you choose via its app.

It’s even set up to sense when you’re gone and turn itself off, so your home will always feel warm and inviting. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants to transform their home with pleasant scents and technology.

You can purchase a Pura Smart Diffuser as part of a bundle that includes multiple scents and save 10%. You can also buy a single device and a few of your favorite fragrances to give as a gift.