How Sentinelone Benefits Your Business

Protect your business against cyber threats with an autonomous security platform. Prevent, detect, respond, and hunt in real time with AI-powered EPP, EDR, and XDR.

Unlike traditional antivirus solutions, sentinelone anticipates danger by scanning documents, files, emails, credentials, payloads, memory storage, and browsers deeply. It also detects and prevents attacks that would blow right by legacy antivirus software.


Getting help from a managed service provider will make your team more efficient and will reduce the risk of data loss. This is especially true for businesses that need to protect their confidential information from hackers. At Stasmayer, we offer SentinelOne technology to help your business prevent hacking and other security breaches.

SentinelOne is a powerful endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that provides visibility, intelligence, and automation. It helps you detect and respond to advanced threats without interrupting business operations. It also offers deep visibility and intelligence that help you separate malicious behavior from normal activity. Its flexible program allows you to customize alerts and create unified rules.

This technology eliminates legacy anti-virus signatures and uses a medley of static AI and dynamic behavioral analysis to detect threats before they run. The software also integrates with incident response tools, making it easier to neutralize attacks and minimize the impact of downtime. In addition, it is designed to operate on low memory and CPU usage.


Sentinelone is a cybersecurity company that protects businesses from cyber attacks. It uses artificial intelligence to detect and respond to threats in real time. Its software protects endpoints, containers, and cloud workloads. It also prevents advanced attacks by analyzing network behaviors.

The software is easy to deploy and works in real time. It can scan files, credentials, memory, browsers, emails, and more to identify red flags. It can even detect threats that other systems fail to find. Its real-time threat detection allows users to act quickly and efficiently.

The company also offers a ransomware warranty, which means that the company will reimburse businesses for their losses. Its customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company offers a number of training resources, including webinars and documentation. Its employees are also able to provide guidance on using the software. The average salary at the company is about $116,970 per year. It varies by department, with higher salaries for the engineering and business development departments.

Work Environment

Providing security protection for PCs, mobile devices, and cloud servers, SentinelOne is a leader in autonomous endpoint protection. Its technology accelerates detection of known and unknown threats, hunts for signs of hidden threat activity, and extracts rich forensic insights to ensure holistic protection.

Its patented kernel-based monitoring provides full visibility into the telemetry data of an endpoint, and its ability to search the data for attack indicators allows it to augment existing real-time detection capabilities with rich investigative and hunting tools. It also integrates with cloud-native SIEM solutions such as Google Chronicle.

Overall, employees rate working at SentinelOne highly across multiple culture dimensions. They are most satisfied with CEO Rating, Compensation, and Environment. Moreover, the company’s CEO Tomer Weingarten is well-liked by women and non-binary employees. This puts him in the top 10% of CEOs at similar-sized companies on Comparably. However, some employees feel that the company could improve its Work Culture and Professional Development.

Company Culture

Companies with a strong culture have high employee satisfaction and retention rates. A company’s culture is a set of shared values and beliefs that define the organization. A strong company culture can also help to attract top talent and drive innovation.

SentinelOne is a cloud-based solution that enables organizations to discover vulnerabilities and resolve system attacks. The company’s agents detect and respond to threats without slowing down systems. SentinelOne’s software is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

The company has been recognized for workplace culture and leadership across several Fortune and Comparably lists. In addition, the company has a focus on employee career growth. Some of its employees have been promoted to lead teams of hundreds of Sentinels.