Grand Rounds Health Benefits Physicians

During the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for virtual healthcare solutions skyrocketed. This surge prompted two venture-backed companies to merge, creating Grand Rounds Health.

Nursing grand rounds have been shown to cultivate nurse knowledge, enhance interprofessional education and collaboration, and promote research in a wide range of areas (2-4). They also help improve patient outcomes.

Benefits of Grand Rounds Presentations

For physicians, grand rounds provide a valuable forum to keep current with medical research and advances in their specialties. In addition, they can learn from the mistakes and successes of others. Grand rounds presenters should be encouraged to use this opportunity to highlight the importance of patient safety and quality improvement.

For nurses, the information gathered during grand rounds can be beneficial for evidence-based nursing practice. This is particularly important given the dynamic clinical environment in which they work.

Medical student grand rounds provide a platform to formally discuss topics that might at first seem to be outside the scope of medicine, but which Geisel students are passionate about and have a unique vantage point on — such as harm reduction, systemic racism, health inequities, public policy, and curricular changes. In addition, they can offer a chance to establish connections with other students or faculty with similar interests. This activity has been designated for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(tm). Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with their participation in the live activity.

Streaming Video of Grand Rounds Presentations

In a time where most workplaces are largely remote, medical professionals need to stay current on the latest trends and research in their field. Streaming video of grand rounds presentations can help them do this. The presentations feature lectures from renowned experts in their field. These lectures focus on topics in medicine and are a great way to build professional connections.

Moreover, it can improve employee healthcare experiences. This is because it provides technology and support that allows employees to make better decisions about their health. It also helps them manage their care costs. The telehealth platform can cater to small and large organizations. It is integrated with clinical navigation tools and other natural service adjacencies that help improve member outcomes and reduce costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic stepped up demand for virtual solutions across many industries including one of the largest, healthcare, which accounts for a fifth of U.S. GDP. With this in mind, tech driven healthcare company Grand Rounds Health partnered with benefits administrator Trustmark to create a unified navigation and advocacy experience for their self-funded clients and members.

Free Online Grand Rounds Presentations

In order to meet the needs of practicing clinicians during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, ACG now hosts two live Virtual Grand Rounds each week: a noon Eastern time session and an evening session. Each is broadcast to a national audience and available to watch in the ACG Education Universe the following day.

While it is true that many aspects of the delivery of in-person rounds can be lost in a virtual format, such as the ability to hold the attention of a roomful of residents or faculty by using physical movement and hand gestures or by telling humorous anecdotes, this is largely offset by the ease of accessibility for all participants. In addition, surveys suggest that a virtual format is as effective or more effective than in-person presentations for most participants.

In one study, medical residents who regularly attended GR retained around 40% of the key learning points presented by the speakers.2 This suggests that a combination of interventions can be used to increase resident participation in NGR, including catering, advertising, and incentive strategies.

Free Online Medical Grand Rounds Presentations

Many hospitals are now offering their grand rounds presentations for free online. This is an excellent way for them to reach physicians in their referral area that might not be able to make it to their weekly in-person lectures. This is also in line with one of the Hippocratic Oath’s tenets that medical professionals should freely share their knowledge for the benefit of patients.

These presentations provide a mix of research, theory and clinical application to inspire critical thinking and encourage the development of new treatment guidelines. MUSC Medicine Grand Rounds are designed to support the education needs of physicians, other health care professionals and students.

MUSC Medicine Grand Rounds are accredited for 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s). Physicians should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.