Frontity Benefits For WordPress Developers

Frontity is an open-source React framework that powers fast headless WordPress static sites. It manages bundling, transpiling, routing, server rendering, states, managing CSS, retrieving data from WordPress and more.

Its state manager makes it easy to create complex, data-driven websites without learning complex technologies like Redux. It also powers a flexible extensibility pattern similar to WordPress, which makes it ideal for building frontend experiences.

Easy to use

Frontity benefits are extremely easy to use and maintain. This is largely thanks to the fact that it was built specifically for WordPress, meaning that few configurations are required and API queries are preconfigured to suit the needs of WordPress developers.

It also does Server Side Rendering out of the box, which improves website performance and can help you achieve a high Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rank. This happens because Frontity sends a navigation-ready HTML page generated with React, which means that the initial load is superfast and feels almost instant.

Using a headless setup is another way to boost performance. This saves resources like content rendering and editing, which can have a significant impact on your site’s speed.

Similarly, Frontity’s flexible approach allows you to change your content presentation as your project evolves, which can increase user engagement. This flexibility is why many developers have expressed their enthusiasm for it. For example, Oriol Egea recently migrated his blog to Frontity, and is excited about where it might go next.

Easy to maintain

Frontity is extremely easy to maintain, it comes with built-in features to make things easier. It is based on WordPress and does not require complex configuration. It also has pre-configured APIs that developers use frequently.

Another benefit is that the framework is very SEO friendly. It saves all data in HTML so that the browser gets a fully populated page with all the content ready to be indexed. This makes it very fast and allows it to be optimized for SEO right out of the box.

This can be a huge advantage for websites that update frequently or that need to be able to handle content changes. For example, Gudog reported that switching to Frontity increased their organic blog traffic by 88 percent and ranked number one in Google search results for keywords related to their business.

SEO friendly

Creating fast, search engine-friendly websites is a key goal of every website owner. WordPress ticks all the boxes in this regard, but it’s also powering about 40 percent of the web, which can make it difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Frontity is a modern React framework that was designed specifically with WordPress in mind. It features a zero-config setup, blazing-fast rendering, and SEO friendly serverless deployment.

Its state manager and CSS-in-JS solution remove the need for complicated configurations and learning technologies like Redux or GraphQL. This makes Frontity a highly optimized solution that allows developers to keep a focus on their core WordPress projects and build new functionality without learning extra tools.

Moreover, it uses server side rendering, meaning that it saves all content in HTML and responds to requests with a fully populated HTML page. This improves the initial page loading time and results in better user experiences and more conversions.


Frontity is fully customizable and extensible, giving developers the ability to create custom themes and plugins that work seamlessly with the framework. This flexibility allows them to build websites that meet their specific needs.

It also provides a streamlined development experience and performance optimizations out-of-the-box. This allows for a faster and more efficient website building process.

Frontity also has a growing community of developers who are active on the project and can help you with questions. This is especially helpful if you are new to Frontity and need support.