Divvy Homes Benefits

Divvy homes is a rent-to-own program for individuals who want to buy a home but are not ready for a mortgage. Their prequalification process is fast, free, and does not impact your credit score.

Once approved, they will purchase the home and lease it to you for three years. During this time you will earn equity credits that you can apply toward a future down payment.


When it comes to home ownership, Divvy Homes believes in enabling homeownership for their customers. The company prequalifies prospective buyers and provides them with an estimated home-shopping budget. This process is quick and doesn’t affect their credit score.

During the lease period, buyers pay rent payments that include built-in savings for a future down payment on their home. This approach is more flexible than traditional mortgages, which often require a large down payment and other upfront costs.

After three years, Divvy gives its customers the option to buy their homes at a predetermined price. They also have the option to terminate their lease early for a fee. Divvy has also helped its customers build up an average of $8,200 in savings during their time with the company.


Divvy’s eligibility and qualification criteria are more relaxed than what you’ll find with traditional mortgage products. They take into account your credit history, debt-to-income ratio, if you’ve had any foreclosures, evictions or bankruptcies in the past, and if you have a solid savings history to build equity.

They also look at income verification to ensure you have enough money to afford a mortgage in the future. They will also consider whether or not you’re ready to become a homeowner, which may require some counseling and education.

Divvy and buyers enter into a three-year lease term, which gives them enough time to qualify for a regular mortgage. If you decide that homeownership isn’t for you at the end of the lease, you can walk away from the home without forfeiting any fees.


Divvy uses the rent-to-own model to give homebuyers a shot at homeownership when they would not otherwise be able to afford it. The company buys and initially owns the home, and a portion of every rental payment is set aside as “home savings” that buyers can convert to a down payment once they become eligible for a mortgage.

The company’s customers include healthcare workers, teachers, and logistics workers like truck drivers, who tend to have inconsistent income. They can also walk away from the home after three years if they decide it’s not right for them, and they will get most of their built-in savings back.

Customers apply for prequalification and are evaluated based on employment status, income, and a soft credit check. If approved, they shop with a real estate agent to find a home that works within their budget.

Built-In Savings

Divvy helps homebuyers overcome one of the biggest obstacles to homeownership – saving enough for a hefty down payment. Their rent-to-own model allows people to move into a home and begin paying monthly lease payments, with a portion of each payment going toward a future down payment.

This savings grows with the purchase price of the Divvy-owned home and is designed to help customers stay on track. If life changes and a customer decides not to buy the house they can do so with 60 days notice and keep their built-in savings.

Divvy also offers free homeownership counseling to its customers. Divvy is geared toward individuals who have low credit scores and are not mortgage-eligible, but would like to own their own home. They can apply for the program online in minutes without affecting their credit score.


With Divvy Homes, customers build equity in the home and become homeowners in three years. In addition to paying rent, up to 25% of each payment goes into a synthetic equity savings account. These payments are remitted to Divvy and used as an official down payment when the customer is ready to buy.

Divvy’s program offers individuals who would otherwise struggle to qualify for a mortgage the opportunity to buy their own homes. The company uses a technology-enabled application, innovative underwriting, and people-centric financial literacy tools to partner with customers at every step of their journey to homeownership.

Divvy also offers the option to walk away from the home at the end of the lease term if they decide not to purchase it. However, they will charge a relisting fee of 2% of the original purchase price of the property.