Byredo Benefits

There is a lot of makeup on the market, and it seems like a new product launches every day. One brand, though, is stepping into the crowded beauty space with its own olfactory twist.

Swedish fragrance house byredo, founded in 2006, has gained cult status with its elegant minimalist bottles and unique scents that tell stories of memories and emotions. Now, the brand is extending into home, leather goods and now, make-up too!

Gypsy Water Eau de Toilette

Immerse yourself in the wandering spirit of Gypsy Water, a woody aromatic fragrance that evokes freedom and nature. This unisex perfume opens with invigorating top notes of bergamot, lemon, and pepper, which capture the zest for exploration. It evolves into a soulful heart of pine needle, incense, and orris root, transporting you to forest trails. Then, the base notes of amber and sandalwood wrap you in a comforting embrace, as if you were returning home after an adventurous day in the wild.

Although its performance and projection aren’t the strongest points of this perfume, Gypsy Water is still a great choice for casual occasions or days when you want to smell clean and natural. However, you should keep in mind that it’s better to spray this scent lightly on the skin. Overdoing it will only cause this light and unique scent to evaporate quickly. It’s best suited for women and men who like to wear fresh, natural perfumes.

Gypsy Water Hand Cream

Infuse your hands with the captivating scent of Gypsy Water and enjoy optimal hydration with this luxurious hand cream from byredo. Presented in a handy 30ml tube that fits easily into your bag, this hand cream gently softens your skin and divinely scents it with one of byredo’s most iconic fragrances.

Founded in 2006, Stockholm-based byredo is the cult perfumery of designer Ben Gorham. Taking a minimalist Scandi approach, the brand fuses a love of clean beauty with inspiration and influences from his Indian heritage, producing sophisticated perfumes that speak to both women and men.

Each fragrance tells a story, from the woody aroma of ‘Oud Immortel’ that depicts the history of the world’s oldest incense to the fresh floral air of ‘La Tulipe’ that evokes the anticipation of spring. This ode to Romani culture is an olfactory glamorization of their intimate beliefs and unique customs, combining rugged earthy elements like fresh soil and campfires with a dreamy reverie of bergamot, lemon, and juniper berries.

Gypsy Water Hair Perfume

Aside from the endless debate on whether or not you should wash your hair, this weightless perfumed spray from Byredo will scent tresses and leave them nourished and luminous. It’s the perfect addition to your travel beauty kit and comes in a pretty little can that fits right in your handbag.

Founded by Swedish former basketball player Ben Gorham, Byredo uses raw ingredients and storytelling to create cult fragrances that invigorate the senses. Their minimalist Scandi style translates into a line of luxury products that are as practical as they are gorgeous, including perfumed body lotions and bath oils.

Gypsy Water is an ode to Romany culture, glamorizing the myth of a free lifestyle close to nature. Its rugged elements of fresh soil, deep forests and campfires are complemented by sandalwood and pine needle amber for an alluring and timeless reverie. Top notes of lemon, pepper and juniper berry add a sharp edge, while luscious hints of vanilla and amber warm it up.

Gypsy Water Body Lotion

Founded by Stockholm native Ben Gorham, Byredo is an intriguing contemporary brand that captures emotion in bottles. With a minimalist Scandi approach to beauty, each fragrance tells a story: from the woody aroma of Oud Immortel to the rich history of Rome with Byredo Bal d’Afrique and the fresh scent of clean sheets with Byredo Blanche.

An ode to Romani culture, its unique customs and intimate beliefs, Gypsy Water glamorizes the myth of a free lifestyle close to nature. Rugged earthy notes of fresh soil, deep forests and campfires meld with a dreamy reverie of pepper, bergamot and juniper berries for an unforgettable experience.

This rich perfumed moisturizing body lotion hydrates and shields skin with conditioning ingredients like shea butter, macadamia nut oil and herbal infusions of horsetail, comfrey root and leaf. The intoxicating Gypsy Water scent lingers on skin, evoking the spirit of wanderlust. Enriched with Vitamin E, it leaves skin soft, smooth and delicately scented.